Today IT management and operations leaders face significant challenges in quickly developing necessary skills and optimizing workloads in a constantly shifting environment with rapid technology changes. Building a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure has become paramount. Being able to respond quickly and appropriately to marketplace demands while fostering an open environment that encourages innovation, requires an agile infrastructure.

Spears Consulting Group assists businesses and the government in managing the cost of IT deployment; comprehensive infrastructure management and security services from initial set up to customization and ongoing management; and improvements in IT for maximum performance.

Services we provide include:
– Infrastructure management and security
– Disaster recovery
– Hardware and software procurement

From managing the costs of data centers and sustainability to the impact of mobile and big data and best practices for cloud computing and virtualization, Spears Consulting can work with you to improve your existing IT infrastructure to increase efficiency, productivity, security and flexibility.

Spears Consulting also can assist your business in designing the best disaster recovery plan to ensure the safety and security of your data through powerful and automated backup and storage methods. Through our vendor partnerships, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of options tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.